Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo biloba (which goes by the scientific name Salisburia adiantifolia) is a natural extract derived from the leaf of the Chinese ginkgo tree, also called the maidenhair tree. Historically, it’s been used as a natural remedy for ADHD, as a dementia treatment and more.


Product name

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Botanical name

Ginkgo biloba L.

Part of Plant Used


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Analytical method


Flavone glycosides 24%ginkgolides 6% BP



Flavone glycosides 24%ginkgolides 6% EP



Flavone glycosides 24%ginkgolides 6% USP



Flavone glycosides 24%ginkgolides 6% CEP


*Customized specifications available upon request

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1.What is Ginkgo Biloba Extract?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the its leaves and seeds of Ginkgo biloba are often used. But in modern research primarily focuses on ginkgo extract, which is made from the leaves.

EGb761 and GBE are the scientific terms for standardized extract of the green ginkgo biloba plant, which is often noted for its cerebral-enhancing effects. In fact, it’s believed to be so effective that it’s even a prescription herb in Germany and several other European countries. 

Ginkgo supplements are associated with several health claims and uses, most of which focus on brain function and blood circulation.

2.How Ginkgo Biloba Extract Works

The most helpful components of ginkgo are believed to be flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant qualities, and terpenoids, which help improve circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the "stickiness" of platelets.

Some studies have found that in healthy people, ginkgo might modestly boost memory and cognitive speed. 

Several ginkgo studies have shown that it can help with memory problems caused by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It seems to help prevent the progression of dementia symptoms, especially if the dementia is thought to be the result of atherosclerotic vascular disease.

3.Benefits and Uses

Improve Symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Can Help Fight Inflammation

Improves Circulation and Heart Health

Reduces Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders and Dementia

Improves Brain Function and Well-Being

Can Reduce Anxiety and Desperssion

Can Improve Asthma and COPD Symptoms


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