"Hangzhou ARSHINE, Sailing"-- ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch Opened!

Jun. 15. 2019

On June 11th, 2019, Hangzhou, the wind and the sun, the sky is high. ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch held a grand opening ceremony at the Renaissance Yuhang Hotel. This marks the official establishment of the first branch of Hunan ARSHINE Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, and has taken an important step in the new strategic layout. Ms. Chen Aiping, Chairman of the Board, and more than 10 managers at the headquarters, as well as representatives from more than 30 cooperative enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, attended the opening ceremony.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the guests were invited to sign in at the same time; at 10:38, the celebration officially began.

Ms. Chen Aiping, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ms. Zi Xiaohong, General Manager of Hangzhou Branch of ARSHINE, Mr. Lu Xiangyang, a veteran of the industry, and Mr. Chen Jianqiang, Shanghai Haijianuo, delivered speeches and expressed their congratulations and good wishes to the branch.

Ms. Chen Aiping, the chairman of the board, opened the prelude to this celebration with a poem of a different kind. Chairman Chen first expressed her sincere congratulations on the opening of ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch and expressed sincere gratitude to the suppliers for their arrival. Regarding the history of Hangin from the initial stage of preparation to the official opening, Chairman Chen expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all the participants.

In her speech, Chairman Chen publicly disclosed ARSHINE's “Star Avenue” plan for the first time – localizing foreign trade and pharmaceutical talents, establishing branches in various talent high places in China, and supporting the company to “improve the international status of China's health industry”. mission. In order to realize this "Star Avenue" plan and realize the great mission of the company, ARSHINE has always been committed to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, creating value for customers", and is committed to platform, information, and professionalization. Today, ARSHINE has four powerful platforms. It is an industry, product and market research platform, a comprehensive business operation platform, a humanities platform including business schools, human resources centers and brand and cultural development centers, and an indispensable and powerful procurement platform. These four platforms have collectively become a professional platform for foreign trade support for healthy raw materials.

Chairman Chen said that the establishment of ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch marks the first step of the “Star Avenue” project. With Hangzhou ARSHINE, ARSHINE has the opportunity to cooperate with suppliers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. To make joint efforts for the development of Hangzhou's foreign trade and to do its part to enhance the international status of China's health industry!

Subsequently, Ms. Zi Xiaohong, the general manager of Hangzhou Branch, expressed her gratitude to the company headquarters in her speech. For the development of the Hangzhou branch, the general manager said that she has a clear goal and is confident that she can lead everyone to the target high ground. For the future, it is ready! At the same time, the general manager of the company also expressed her expectations for the colleagues of the Hangzhou branch and led the colleagues of the Hangzhou branch to have a wonderful team show.

I am an ARSHINE person!

I love life, care for my family, and strive for a happy life!

I love work, execute efficiently, and strive to achieve my mission!

I love life, body, and mind, and stay healthy for a long time!

I am a "defender for life"!

happy working! Happy life!

From this powerful ARSHINE manifesto, we saw a team full of vigor and enthusiasm, and saw the ARSHINE strugglers who are really passionate about life!

At the celebration, the headquarters prepared a gift for the colleagues of the Hangzhou branch, and the chairman of Chen Aiping personally sent it to everyone.

The most exciting opening ceremony on the scene, we are honored to invite Mr. Lu Xiangyang, Ms. Yang Jinsui from Zhejiang Kangmu Pharmaceutical, Mr. Chen Jianqiang from Shanghai Haijia Nuo Medicine, Mr. Shuping from Dafeng Tiansheng Pharmaceutical, and Cheng Wen from Shaoxing Minsheng Pharmaceutical Mr. started the opening ceremony with us. A total of 12 guests and ARSHINE executives raised the sands in their hands and slowly injected them into the ceremonial platform. The words “Hangzhou ARSHINE, sailing and sailing” were gradually revealed, implying a total of gold sands, struggles, flying, and aspirations. Lingyun, the grand plan.

In the warm applause, the ceremony was completed, everyone toasted, and I wish the opening ceremony of ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch a complete success! Afterward, ARSHINE people took photos with all the VIPs and celebrated the opening of ARSHINE Hangzhou Branch!

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