Is it better to take natural astaxanthin orally or externally?

Apr. 26. 2023

Thanks to the powerful effect of astaxanthin, more and more products have introduced astaxanthin. We can not only find its traces in food, but also in skin care products. It is like a It’s like a barrel of balm, where it needs to be added, so that some people wonder if astaxanthin is an IQ tax? First of all, we must make it clear that astaxanthin is definitely not an IQ tax. If it is just a concept, it will not be popular for so many years, let alone maintain a rapid upward trend.

Because of its relatively reliable safety, astaxanthin has been included in my country's new resource foods, and in the new resource food catalog, they are both edible and skin-care ingredients.

Then many friends will definitely have new questions. Since astaxanthin can be eaten and applied externally, is it better to take it orally or apply it externally?

1: Oral astaxanthin is irreplaceable

We all know that astaxanthin is the strongest known antioxidant found in nature. Its antioxidant capacity is 6,000 times that of astaxanthin, 1,000 times that of vitamin E, and 3,100 times that of natto. At the same time, astaxanthin also has a strong ability to "break through walls", and can pass through our "blood-brain barrier", "pancreatic barrier", "prostate barrier" and "retinal barrier".

And this kind of antioxidant ability that penetrates the barrier and directly reaches the lesion is unique and irreplaceable that other antioxidants cannot provide.

In the field of skin care, whether it is for fine lines or pigmentation, whether it is in the epidermis or dermis, there are good alternative products. Instead of using expensive astaxanthin, it is better to replace it with other products to save some money. , directly buy natural astaxanthin oral liquid to take, the effect is better.

Two: External use is easily oxidized and degraded

Antioxidant substances are generally easier to be oxidized, which means sacrificing oneself and helping others. While astaxanthin has strong antioxidant capacity, it also has strong oxidative properties. It is resistant to acid, oxygen, high temperature and ultraviolet light. It is not stable enough under the conditions and is very easy to be oxidized and degraded.

Just imagine, you have just applied astaxanthin skin care products, and you are being hit by a combination of oxygen, high temperature and ultraviolet light. What kind of protection can you expect astaxanthin to provide to your skin?

Three: external single skin care, oral comprehensive conditioning

Most skin problems are a feedback to the body's endogenous damage, such as pigmentation, fine lines and aging, acne eczema or a dominant manifestation of poor stomach, and dark yellow skin is mostly due to liver function Abnormally, if we use the powerful whitening effect of astaxanthin to cover everything on the surface of the skin, it will not save our precarious internal organs.

In fact, oral astaxanthin also has the effect of whitening skin care and resisting early aging, so some people affectionately call astaxanthin: "the skin care product that you eat in your stomach".

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