Our Qingdao warehouse is only 6.9km away from Qingdao Port, close to Qingdao Qianwan Port Shugang expressway, unique geographical position. 

The logistics warehouse area of the first phase of the company is 10,000 square meters, and 2900 square meters have been put into use. 

The warehouse has a net height of 12 meters, a lifting platform and a canopy covering the working area to ensure all-weather loading and unloading operations; 

Equipped with standard fire protection facilities, advanced smoke alarm equipment and full Angle video monitoring system;  The warehouse operation site has special security personnel to patrol 24 hours on duty to ensure the safety of goods. 

The main functions include: loading and unloading, tallying, sorting, labeling, scanning, storage, sub-packing, packaging processing, garment hanging processing, packing and export, etc., providing customers with integrated warehousing services and business solutions. 

Loading and unloading platform outside warehouse: 1000 ㎡

Automatic lifting platform

Grade C fire level warehouse, the highest grade warehouse in Huangdao District

Warehouse roof: automatic sprinkler system, fire protection

Smoke window: controlled by IT professional intelligence, IT will open automatically when there is smoke in the warehouse 

Warehouse monitoring equipment: comprehensive monitoring of storage and loading and unloading safety

3 D dynamic management:Adopt advanced wireless network technology, wireless touch screen on-board computer technology and bar code technology 


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