Food Additives of Chili Red

Sep. 05. 2022

Chili red is a food additive made from pepper peel and its products through extraction, filtration, concentration, and decapsaicin.

The industrial product form of capsanthin is a deep red oily liquid, which is easily soluble in most fats and mineral oils. Capsicum red pigment has good stability under indoor light. Studies have shown that it has no fading phenomenon when placed indoors for 4 weeks, but it is easier to fade when exposed to strong outdoor light; temperature also has a certain effect on capsicum red pigment. The higher the temperature, the greater the loss of pigment; its acid and alkali resistance are better, and the color is stable between pH 3-12; it is resistant to reduction and oxidation.

Capsicum red pigment has been assessed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Kingdom, Japan, and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a natural food coloring with unlimited use.

When used in foods such as fruit and vegetable juice beverages, jelly, soy sauce and sugar, capsicum red pigment not only has no toxic side effects on the human body, but also increases carotenoid compounds in the human body and has certain nutritional value.

When using capsicum red, it is characterized by uniform coloring, relatively stable properties, bright and bright color, and good brightness. It has broad application prospects in the food industry, especially in soy sauce and other foods.

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