The role and efficacy of creatine

Mar. 22. 2023

Creatine was once hailed as the best bodybuilding supplement, so what do you really know about creatine?

In this issue, let’s talk about the creatine supplement, whether you should choose creatine, and how to use creatine correctly.

First, let’s talk about what creatine is?

Creatine is a common bodybuilding supplement. It is mainly a nitrogen-containing organic acid synthesized from three amino acids, methionine, arginine and glycine.

Creatine intake is mainly through two ways.

1. Intake from diet. It comes mainly from fish and some meats (beef is high in creatine). However, the content of creatine ingested from food is low, which cannot meet the actual needs of the human body. Because only about 2g of creatine can be ingested per kilogram of meat, most bodybuilders will supplement it through creatine supplements.

2. Take it from creatine supplements, this method can provide us with a large amount of high-quality creatine.

Because creatine itself can be synthesized in our body and can also be obtained through daily diet, creatine is very safe. Researchers have also proved by experiments that taking creatine will not burden the heart and kidneys.

If you want to use creatine supplements, pay attention to the safe intake of creatine supplements, and the daily intake should be less than 20 grams.

What does creatine do?

1. Creatine can temporarily increase muscle volume by increasing muscle water (weight will increase in the short term, but mostly water).

2. Improve muscle endurance and strength performance, because the use of creatine will increase the water content of muscle cells, thereby increasing muscle elasticity and contraction pressure, which in turn can help us improve strength.

As for improving endurance, since the main function of creatine is to promote the generation of ATP energy in the human body, ATP mainly provides energy for our sports,

The storage of ATP in the human body is very small, and ATP is quickly exhausted during exercise, and creatine can help promote the generation of ATP, thereby improving our anaerobic metabolism, and then improving muscle endurance.

3. In fact, creatine can not only be used during the muscle gain period, but also plays a very important role during the weight loss period. Creatine can effectively maintain lean body mass during the weight loss period and prevent excessive muscle loss during the weight loss period.

Since creatine is so good, how should we supplement creatine?

First of all, we have to make it clear that in the process of fitness, it is not necessary to take creatine supplements. We must first do the training well, don't buy blindly, planning our own fitness and diet plan is the most important thing.

1. The instructions for use of creatine supplements indicate that the daily intake should not exceed 20 grams, because too much creatine intake will increase the burden on the intestines and cause diarrhea and other problems.

Because creatine supplementation is continuous and cumulative, it doesn't make much sense whether to carry out the shock period. I suggest taking 5 grams per day. It can be taken for a long time, before and after training. There is no particular emphasis, as long as it is accumulated and fixed.

2. Creatine supplements can be mixed and matched, such as mixed with milk, juice and protein powder, the taste will be better. Of course, there are also many tough guys who swallow it raw and drink it with water. This is also feasible.

3. After taking creatine supplements, you must ensure sufficient water intake to avoid dehydration in your body.

4. When choosing creatine supplements, you must try to buy products from major manufacturers. After all, the gap between products is very large, and the price of creatine is not high. A can of creatine usually lasts for about 3 months.

Does creatine have any side effects?

The use of creatine supplements does not make us dependent, and if stopped, it will only cause a loss of weight and body dimensions. But this is not a side effect, just because of the loss of water in the muscles, not the loss of the muscles themselves.

Summary at the end of the article:

1. Creatine can be ingested from the daily diet, but the amount of creatine obtained in the diet cannot meet our fitness needs, so most bodybuilders will supplement it with creatine supplements.

The maximum daily intake should not exceed 20 grams, and it is recommended to take 5 grams per day.

2. If the diet and training are not done well, there is no point in choosing creatine supplements.

3. Note that when using creatine supplements, you must ensure the amount of water you drink every day to avoid dehydration.

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